Quintet Albums


After two productive and exciting days recording with;

Craig Milverton - piano

Sandy Sucholdoski - bass

Nick Millward - drums

Steven Vintner - vibes

Our new album has now been produced and is available for purchase!

The material is sourced from two of the world finest alto saxophone masters, Johnny Hodges and Earl Bostic. Both players in their prime during the 40's, 50's and 60's, simialr in many respects, but from opposite ends of the jazz spectrum. Our new album "HODGE-STIC" represents jazz at the time of new beats and rhythms, with Bostic firmly aiming at the dance halls while Hodges stormed the concert halls and jazz clubs. The variety of tempos, textures and moods is impressive ; with sultry ballads, bouncing bop and storming stomps all in equal measure.  There really is something here for everyone!


Track titles include ..... Jeeps Blues, Tenderly, Below The Azores, Cracked Ice, Flamingo, Special Delivery Stomp, Sophisticated Lady.....

Price including postage and packing


Price including postage and packing


Album Line-Up.....

Amy Roberts - flute, clarinet & saxes

Richard Exall - clarinet, saxes, vocals & arranger

Neil Angilley - piano

Bill Coleman - double bass

Adam Riley - drums

Sleeve notes;

Lucky you!  You hold in your hands a buffet of scrumptious jazz arrangements and performances.  Your banquet consists of the finest ingredients, prepared for you by an enticing combination of well-known and emerging musical chefs.  For starters, you have bassist Bill Coleman, who brings his decades of talent, experience and unstoppable enthusiasm to the table, creating a base (pardon the pun) upon which further musical delicacies can be sampled.  Pianist Neil Angilley--"he's CORNISH," Amy proudly crows--and percussionist Adam Riley have massively extensive c.v.'s, and create grooves of great variety and versatility as an appetizing accompaniment to our entrees:  reeds stars Richard Exall and Amy Roberts.  Richard and Amy have been cooking up tasty sounds side-by-side in the Chris Barber Band for the last three years:  now is a perfect time for them to open their own musical restaurant. 

Their menu offers treats to tempt every taste, from Trad Jazz chestnuts (High Society, Limehouse Blues) to delectable  Standards (Sentimental Journey, The Very Thought of You, Harlem Nocturne), spicy Latin flavours (Tico Tico, Lovina Mambo, Doo Doo) to meaty Swing (Bernie's Tune, Tickle Toe), a soupçon of Classical (Minute Waltz) to the title track: a mouth-watering fusion of Funk and Latin (Why Not--where sous chef Angilley cooks up a gourmet solo).  Our digestif is a sweet concoction from  the film "Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang," the hauntingly beautiful Hushabye Mountain. This aural feast has been prepared for you with precision and passion...bon appétit!

Jeff Barnhart--Mystic,CT, USA

Jeff Barnhart is an internationally celebrated pianist, vocalist, composer and entertainer.  Featuring on over 100 full-length recordings, he travels more than 40 weeks a year in search of the perfect gig and the perfect pint.

price including postage and package